CardBreakNL's New Sports and memorabilia store

After 2 and a half years in the hobby CardBreakNL has finally moved into our new storefront location!

We are located at 1 Moffatt Rd. in Mount Pearl (right off Topsail Rd.)

Everybody is welcome to drop by and check out the new place. We have a large variety of hockey, baseball, football, basketball, and other sports products and some eye catching pieces of memorabilia!

Store Hours
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday1 pm – 7 pm
Wednesday: 1 pm – 7 pm
Thursday1 pm – 7 pm
Friday1 pm – 7 pm
Saturday1 pm – 7 pm
Sunday1 pm – 7 pm

This store isn’t going to be like your average run of the mill card shop and here’s why:

  • When you walk in and see the place it has a real WOW factor about it. 
  • We ALWAYS have the red carpet rolled out for you (literally)
  • There’s unique eye catching sports memorabilia all over the walls.
  • We have a Man Cave with 2 BIG screen TV’s. One TV is non-stop sports and the other is for people to watch our LIVE breaks in store as they are happening.
  • Our entrance has an unreal design that makes you feel as if you are walking into a sports arena.
  • AND of course we have TOP notch service with great prices
  • Once you stop by and check out the place and feel the overall atmosphere, you’ll agree that this isn’t your normal Card Shop!
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